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LCD TV Panel Market to See Steeper Price Decline in August

Published: Aug 09,2017


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Excelero Expands Scale-out Storage Offerings by Combining Intelligent Software with NICs

Excelero announced that it has validated its NVMesh server SAN software on the Broadcom NetXtreme BCM57414 25/50Gb Ethernet network interface card (NIC). The combined solution provides enterprise IT architects with a new option for storage in hyperscale data centers – one that's equipped with the low-latency RoCE support...

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Fujitsu Releases 30 New Enterprise PC, Workstation, and Tablet Models

Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Client Computing Limited today announced the release of 30 new enterprise PC models across 15 product series, all equipped with the Windows 10 Creators Update, the latest version of the Windows 10 operating system...

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Bosch, Geo++, Mitsubishi Electric and u-blox to Establish JV to Bring High Precision GNSS Positionin

Bosch, Geo++, Mitsubishi Electric and u-blox today announced the creation of Sapcorda Services GmbH, a joint venture that will bring high precision GNSS positioning services to mass market applications. The four parties recognized that existing solutions for GNSS positioning services do not meet the needs of emerging high precision GNSS mass markets...

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Intel, Microsoft, Ericsson and Huawei to Deliver Keynotes at ECOC Exhibition

Some of the world’s leading technology companies will discuss the key issues and trends affecting the fibreoptics industry during this year’s European Conference on Optical Communications (ECOC) Exhibition’sMarket Focus...

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4.6% Sequential Monthly Gain for Average Contract Price of PC DRAM Modules in July

The average contract price of PC DRAM modules rose by nearly 40% sequentially in the first quarter to US$24 and then by more than 10% sequentially in the second quarter to US$27. Furthermore, the average contract price of PC DRAM modules increased by about 4...

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NEC, SMUD and SpaceTime Partner to Deliver Smart Energy Solutions for Electric Power Companies

NEC Corporation , SMUD and SpaceTime Insight (SpaceTime) have announced a new co-innovation business model and started offering smart energy solutions for electric power companies. NEC, SMUD and SpaceTime began their partnership (note 1) in 2015...

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