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Global Smartphone Production Growth to Drop to 5% in 2018, Says TrendForce

Published: Jan 03,2018


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SEMI Data Projects New Highs in Fab Equipment Spending; Samsung to Increase 128%

The year-end update to the SEMI World Fab Forecast report reveals 2017 spending on fab equipment investments will reach an all-time high of $57 billion. High chip demand, strong pricing for memory, and fierce competition are driving the high-level of fab investments, with many companies investing at previously unseen levels for new fab construction and fab equipment...

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The Top 10 Key ICT Trends to Observe in 2018

TAIPEI, Taiwan - While the ICT industry will move towards new aspects of intelligence, openness, service, and integration, 10 key trends are to reshape the landscape of the industry in 2018, according to Taipei-based and government-backed IT research institute MIC (Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute)...

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Macronix to Increase Its Advanced Process Manufacturing Capacity Next Year

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Taiwanese memory solution provider Macronix announced today that its board of directors had approved its capital expenditure budget for next year, totaled NT$ 3.89 billion yuan, an increase of more than 60% over this year...

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ATOUN to Launch New Power Assist Suits with 40% Weight Reduction for the Hip, Suitable for Caregivin

In April 2018, ATOUN Inc. will begin selling the all new Power Assist Suit for the hip "ATOUN MODEL Y," which is 40% lighter in weight than the current model. ATOUN developed the new "ATOUN MODEL Y" by reexamining the design and control from scratch based on user feedback of the current model, and also successfully reduced weight by 40% by replacing the metal frame with one made of resin, and making the motors and batteries more compact...

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Chinese Vendors Value the Development of Service Robots over Industrial Robots

The service robots on exhibition in the WRC 2017 could be roughly grouped into three categories: consumer/domestic robots, customer service robots, and logistics robots, according to Taipei-based IT research institute MIC (Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute)...

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Taiwan's ITRI Creates 3D Printed Bone Material for Ethnic Chinese People

TAIPEI, Taiwan - The Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan has integrated 3D printing layered manufacturing with metal and composite materials and bionic bone structures to research and develop bone material especially designed for ethnic Chinese people...

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